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Do you need a bit of additional support around schoolwork and literacy?

Do you need to build your self confidence in these areas?

If the answer is yes, then our learning support service may be exactly what you need.

Adult support (Over 18)

As an adult, you may have a number of reasons for looking for dyslexia learning support.

Do you want help with literacy or study skills?

Do find paperwork and forms challenging? You might need help to do these tasks.  What about help with your with organisational skills or time management?

Your support team

Our lead Teacher for Adult Support holds an approved Practitioner Certificate and a Postgraduate Certificate in Dyslexia and Literacy. (University of York) She is competent to support those with Specific Learning Difficulties and Dyslexia.

What are the Benefits of Dyslexia Learning Support ?

  • Getting support from someone who uses techniques created specifically for people with dyslexia.
  • Learning at your own speed, and in a way that suits you.
  • Focusing on the real issues that are causing difficulty and identifying ways to manage these effectively.
  • Developing strategies and building your self-confidence to tackle problems independently.

What we offer you ?

Dyslexia North East offers 1:1 or small group literacy support whether it is learning to read from scratch, or just needing to improve fluency and understanding about reading. Our teachers devise simple literacy exercises to build up confidence and improve progress. Our 2 qualified Specialist Teachers will supervise and guide you through a programme which is suited to you.

Date: Thursdays weekly
Time: 1 hour session
Venue: Dyslexia North East Offices
Charge: We are proud to offer this service free of charge.
Booking: Contact the Dyslexia North East offices by phone or e-mail to arrange an informal meeting with the teacher who will discuss your needs and decide which session will suit you best.

Child support (Over 18)

Your support team

Our Learning Support team is made up of Specialist Dyslexia Teachers with teaching and post graduate qualifications. Including for dyslexia or Specific Learning Difficulties.

What are the Benefits of Dyslexia Learning Support ?

  • Assessing your child’s needs and providing appropriate learning techniques to help your dyslexic child.
  • Focusing on particular issues that your child is struggling with.
  • Helping with strategies to cope with homework, revision and study skills. It will be age appropriate and planned to give confidence and improve self esteem.
  • Information about how to use ICT technology to enhance creativity.

What we offer you ?

The Specialist teachers will support your child with the most appropriate learning programmes to support what is done in school and help to improve understanding and develop strategies. We offer 1:1 support and small group learning for English and Maths.

Date and time: Agreed between student and teacher depending on availability.

Venue: Dyslexia North East offices. In some circumstances our specialist teachers are happy to travel and provide learning support from your home.

Charge: £35 an hour (additional travel costs may be incurred)

Booking: Please get in touch with the Dyslexia North East office by phone or e-mail

dyslexia learning support

Quotes from Children, parents and adults who have had tuition.

“My confidence with writing improved because of the adult tuition. I even enrolled at Newcastle College’

“My son was struggling with English and Maths, the tutoring has made a huge difference and improvement to his progress”

“My son in his late teens, has been able to achieve so much confidence in reading and writing, that he can now think about making the transition from family life to living and studying independently.”

“My 10 year old son, who is severely dyslexic, has found having extra support and help, made such a difference with his English. It boosted his confidence and self esteem and helped him look forward to his lessons!”