Useful Links

We have gathered an extensive list of resources on our website which has been very beneficial for people with learning difficulties.

British Dyslexia Association
Helpline tel: 0333 405 4567
Training tel: 0333 405 4565
Office : 0333 405 45

Dyslexia Scotland
Resources and Training

Call Scotland
Apps Webinars and Resources

Sid Project for adults
Social and Inclusion Project (Sunderland)

Ann Arbor Publishers Assessment Materials
Tel: 01668 214460

The Dyslexia Shop for Learning materials

The Dyslexia Research Trust Oxford

Crossbow Education Resources and materials

Free Downloadable apps

Iansyst Assistive Tech Supplies &

Dyslexia Assist for parents to help dyslexic children

BDA Assistive Technology

Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit

Ability net Adapting and adjusting technology

Maths and Dyscalculia help

Treetops Occupational Therapy

GT Harvey Opticians Newcastle

Wade Opticians Durham

Keyes Eyecare Opticians

Jordans Eyes

Ayr Scotland
Sensory Integration Network

International Dyslexia Association

National Listening Books Library

Free to borrow for dyslexics
PATOSS for teachers, training and information

NASEN Support for teachers. SEN. Training. Conferences

LDA Learning and Development Aids

Xtraordinary People

Help for parents
FAB Research
Helpful information about diets