We have created different training groups to help make it easier for people with learning difficulties to learn. Many of our groups are differentiated by age, meaning it’s easier for young people to learn alongside people of a similar age.

Wednesday Group

Regular meetings for parents/carers and children between 7-14 years of age.

Creative activities, special speakers, Parent’s talking circle.

Suggested Donation £3

18:00 – 20:00 at Royal Grammar Junior School, Lambton Road, Jesmond, NE2 4RX

Adult Support

For information contact info@dne.org.uk or call 0191 4661299

Quotes from Parents

Hannah said “Working with the help of the teachers, it was fun, but they helped me when I got stuck! The sessions helped me to think how to decide what to write, in different styles including a persuasive letter and Shakespeare”

A Mum said learning from other parents was really helpful, and helped form friendships. My son loves coming.

Open conversation time is so valuable. It’s an ongoing process, and I’ve discovered you don’t know what you don’t know – until you ask !